Album: The Conjuring of Four (2016)

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Song: The Conjuring of Four

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Godless Angel is a one man death/thrash machine formed in the summer of 2012 by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Derek Neibarger in Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing on such classic metal influences as Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Slayer, Derek has forged a distinct sound described as " a savage dose of razor-edged riffs, incinerating solos, and convulsive grooves, and the vomit-spewing vocals are downright filthy" by Islander of the popular metal blog, No Clean Singing.

Godless Angel has released four albums thus far. "Year One" captured Derek's first twelve months' worth of songwriting, chronicling the bands considerable growth over a relatively short period of time. In 2014 he released a four song EP, "Dying Dead Undead Unholy", which showcased his thrash influences. "Harvester of Shadows", a nine track album released in 2015, merged the mid tempo groove of "Year One" and the thrash attack of "Dying Dead Undead Unholy". A barrage of riffs, alternating between crushing slow head-bangers and neck snapping speed, laid over a tank-like rhythm section, and topped off with corrosive lead vocals. In April of 2016 Godless Angel released the 8-track EP, "The Conjuring of Four". The half-death, half-thrash approach of "Harvester" has been replaced with a more consistent blend of multiple styles in each track, longer songs, more complex arrangements, and diverse and eclectic lead guitar. Lyrically "Conjuring" is a concept album, conceived entirely by Derek's wife, Chrissy Neibarger, and based on the four elements. The first single is "The Worms are Eating Him Now". "Conjuring" is also the first Godless Angel album to made available on compact disc.

Godless Angel's sonic assault serves as the perfect soundtrack to the dark, twisted lyrics spawned from the imaginations of Derek and Chrissy. Drawing inspiration from horror and science fiction genres, the lyrics for Godless Angel paint portraits of everything from axe murderers, vengeful aliens and zombies to demons, mutated rats, and a vile creature lurking in the shadows of an insane asylum.

Derek began his musical career as a bass player at the age of fourteen. By the age of twenty he had added lead vocalist to his resume and shared the stage with such well known acts as Neurosis and Green Day. His relentless passion for songwriting has made music not just a hobby or a source of income, but rather a lifestyle. Godless Angel was forged from that passion and a lifelong obsession with all things metal, and over the course of four albums it has evolved into the ultimate expression of Derek's musical and artistic identity.